Bringing Design to Life: Through Usability & Accessibility

Please note: Digital Spoke is no longer trading as of 1 January 2016. This site is for archive purposes only.

If all design is communication, then what makes a design great is more than creative flair, it is understanding what you want to tell your audience.

Founded in 2002 and based in the heart of 'silicon fen' in Cambridge, UK, Digital Spoke, has been engaged in much more than design. We have been pushing social programmes, running businesses, teaching, marketing, consulting ... in short, we understand the context within which design operates.

Born as a web design agency, our expertise now stretches across brand development, logo design, graphic design and even product and packaging design.

What Makes Us Different?

Too much design fails because the designer starts with their own needs, or those of the client. The Digital Spoke philosophy is to start with the needs of the audience and aims to be as accessible and usable for those people as possible.

So while we pride ourselves on our originality and creativity, we like to keep things simple. No pointless flair; no bulk; no mindless filler. All these things detract from the practical reality of your customer interacting with your product - whether that be a website, a brochure or a piece of packaging.

Good design has purpose.

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