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Please note: Digital Spoke is no longer trading as of 1 January 2016. This site is for archive purposes only.

Designing & developing attractive, usable and accessible websites is what we've been doing for over 12 years. We're as comfortable working for large multi-nationals as well as small, local businesses, but regardless of size, we most enjoy working for people who are passionate about what they do and - in whatever way - contribute to the social good.

Casa Tuscany

View Casa Tuscany is a long-established leader in the Italian property market. Recently they expanded their focus on Tuscany to the whole of Italy, which required a full redesign of their website and an overhaul of the massive property database. We built into the infrastructure the ability to expand the property database for third party submissions and agent logins so the path to future development is well-paved.


View Edelman is the largest PR company in the world and an important part of their work is in crisis management with global brands. They approached us to help them build an online crisis simulator that could simulate an interactive online PR crisis unfolding across common social media - Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This tool has now been used in crisis training with companies like Tresemme, Glencore Mining and a major TV network and is currently being developed into a full free-standing piece of software.

Virgin Pure

View We did a lot of work for Virgin Pure during their long, 10 month migration from their clunky old Drupal site to a new rebrand and redesign. This work included new landing pages, redesigned checkout pathways, a new ecommerce system using Stripe, new email newsletter templates and redesigned marketing materials.

I Trust Sport

View I Trust Sport is a new company dedicated to improving the governance of international sport through collaboration. It's a bold, ambitious statement and because of this, it was important that inclusivity, internationalisation and accessibility were all paramount in the design and build of the new website. In addition, it had to be fully responsive and work well on a range of sizes and devices. At the core of the site is a member database that is both international and internationally searchable in 6 languages. This raises not just technical challenges, but usability ones too, not least how best to administer such things behind-the-scenes. The result is a clear, professional-looking and striking site that avoids putting anyone off despite the potentially controversial subject matter. This is definitely one project I'll be keeping a personal eye on as I'd love to see it succeed.

The Tony Shuker Advertising Collection

View Hot on the heels of Tony Shuker's incredible vintage sheet music collection, we set to work on bringing his equally impressive vintage advert collection online. While the concept was similar, there were new challenges here, especially in the taxonomy of the site and how to order and categorise images. In the end, we opted for a straight-forward tagging system which has proved more intuitive and encouraging to browsing than fixed, static categories. This site also has an digital e-commerce component allowing users to purchase hi-res versions of some of the prints. Read Tony Shuker's testimonial.


View Another project for MTV - this time putting together a site for their annual Re:define event; a large art-auction in support of the MTV Staying Alive foundation. The designs were supplied; we turned it into a living site, complete with social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.) Special care was taken to make sure it was easily editable and maintainable as a flat-file site - for various reasons, the Re:define site had to be constructed without using any databases or admin system, which is a curious challenge in itself.

The Knowledge Bar

The Knowledge Bar The Knowledge Bar is a new, workplace-based education & training company. They came to us for the full works - logo, branding, printed promotional materials and, of course a website. It was essential that the design was attractive and reassuring, since the Knowledge Bar are selling professionalism and expertise. Technically there's not much to the site, but we spent a lot of time refining the design of the content, using lots of bespoke ingredients - custom illustrations, action points etc. - to give a personal, thoughtful touch to the site. We also ran a fair amount of A/B testing on various designs to funnel users through to the Courses page as efficiently as possible.

The Tony Shuker Sheet Music Collection

View Tony Shuker has amassed a considerable collection of popular sheet music in his lifetime - over 8,000 items have been catalogued and for almost half of those, Tony has scanned in the cover art and carefully, digitally restored it. It's an enviable collection, resonnating with cultural worth and interest - which is partly why Tony wanted to share it with others on the Internet. This was no small feat since it involved taking a proprietory database with a less-than-rigid structure and turning it into something that could be easily searched, accessed and maintained online. This project was as much about data architecture as it was about user interface and the sheer volume of records didn't help either. This was an across-the-board project, from logo/brand design to website design and build, complete with a CMS that has now replaced Tony's old proprietary database. Read Tony Shuker's testimonial.

MTV Europe

View We were called upon at the 11th hour to migrate a Wordpress site to a new server, translate it into a flat-file website and sort out the social media interaction and CSS. This was the day before the launch of a major charity campaign announcing the new-look AIDS ribbon. With the world's press waiting in the wings, the pressure was well and truly on. The site is included here as an example of our agility and ability to help even the largest of clients meet tough deadlines. This project involved very little design work (designs were supplied), just behind-the-scenes tinkering.

Replay Digital

View Replay Digital are a creative agency working with the healthcare sector. We frequently do agency work and we pride ourselves on being experienced enough to drop into most projects at any stage and be able to hit the ground running. This was a fully-responsive, Wordpress-based site and we knitted it all together, plugged in Facebook and Twitter interactive feeds, added a custom video player and last-but-not-least built a multi-log-in client area for file sharing and previewing. Not bad for a project with a two week time frame.

TerrorBull Games

View Director of Digital Spoke, Andrew Sheerin, also co-founded a satirical games publishing company, TerrorBull Games (apologies for the bad pun). Not surprisingly, we do all their design for them, which includes websites for each major release. Check out the website for War on Terror, the boardgame and Crunch, the game for utter bankers.

City View

View We seem to have a habit of developing community-centred listings websites. First there was We're All Neighbours, then the Local Tourism Office and now City View is the latest newcomer, offering an extra ingredient: a comprehensive local business database. This was a pretty massive project, involving serious amounts of scribbling on paper before any coding even started. Behind the scenes, business users can log in and add content to their own microsites. Regular users can log in and add event and small ads. While City View staff can add editorial and promote whichever bits of submitted content they feel are of interest.

MM Equine

MM Equine Mike McCoy is a horse trainer, specialising in colt starting and problem horses. He trained under Ken McNabb in Wyoming for three years and started MM Equine upon his return to the UK. Mike has a grounded philosophy in training horses and he wanted a non-fussy website that reflected his pragmatic approach. The result is a clean, simple-looking site, yet with subtle embellishments that take advantage of some new web technologies. Check out the windswept clouds in the header!

Darwin & Evolution

View Darwin & Evolution To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth, Christ's College in Cambridge wanted to launch a website that presented an introduction and overview of Darwin and his work to the average member of the public. We created the visual identity, the design and build a multi-tiered admin system for the numerous editors they had working on the project.

Romanian Challenge

View romanian-challenge.orgRomanian Challenge is the home of the O Noua Viata charity, which works with the government and child protection agencies in Romania to improve the lives of young people who were once institutionalised in orphanages and similar. This project involved a complete overhaul of an ancient website, a new visual identity and logo and we also built a user-friendly content management system for the slightly computer-averse site admins.


View is a leading homeless charity operating throughout the UK on a unique 'franchise' basis. Emmaus communities need an initial cash injection to start, but once they're running, they are self-sufficient, providing homes and jobs for homeless people, with the added benefit that they recycle donated furniture and other goods. We're regular visitors to the local Cambridge Emmaus so being asked to do this large redesign project was a real pleasure. This was a technically complex job, involving a multi-tiered admin system, with content being shared across the main UK site and various Emmaus "minisites". Read the Emmaus testimonial

Department of Urology

View We received quite a complex brief to redesign the self-contained website of the Department of Urology at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. Previously, information was hard to find, the content was organised in a slightly ad-hoc way and no content management system meant they had to rely on the one person who knew how to edit the website's content. We took all this information and re-organised it to make a site that was as informative and helpful to GPs as it was to prospective patients. As a bonus, it also became a useful teaching aid - check out the quizzes for medical students. Following the success of the Camurology site, we were asked to design the Prostate Cancer Research initiative that was being launched as a collaborative programme by eight different universities in the UK.


View Tom Morgan-Jones is a highly talented illustrator - he specialises in children's books, but also cuts a mean line in political satire. We have always been impressed with Tom's work (you'll see evidence of collaborations with Tom all through this site!), so it was a joy to design his website for him. There's not much to it if we're honest - just a minimal design that really lets Tom's inkings take centre stage, where they belong. Of course we also built an easy-to-use content management system that even Tom "Where's-the-on-switch?" Morgan-Jones (that's really how he refers to himself) was comfortable with. Read the testimonial.

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One final consideration for any project is cost. In this respect in terms of the quality of the final product, the support and advice given, and simply in raw pounds Dspoke's services are excellent value for money. I certainly recommend them to others.

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