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graphic design and print work examples

Everything you produce in the name of your business or enterprise should exhibit the qualities of that brand. That sounds like the kind of marketeese waffle that would normally bring us out in a rash, but it's true. The more time and attention you spend on the various representations of your company, the stronger your brand will become. Unlike many design companies, we approach this from a non-service perspective since we also run a successful game publishing business. In other words, we practice as well as preach. So if you like what we've done with our own products, why not trust us with yours?

Graphic Design Examples & Print Work

The Hen Commandments

The Hen Commandments The Hen Commandments is a new chicken-based, religion-building party game from TerrorBull Games. It's as weird and wonderful as it sounds and we loved doing the entire product design and accompanying artwork for it. The full project included card design, rule book design, 12-page scene-setting booklet, game pad design and box design. The Hen Commandments box design Finished product

DEC Fundraiser

DEC Fundraiser The East African Famine is a massive and desperate problem, one caused partly by people, specifically regional politics and food price speculation. Sadly it gets short press because it's not as sensational as the Arab Spring or the London Riots. Digital Spoke were approached to do a series of posters to promote an all-volunteer fundraising event and we were happy to lend our services for free. Working with an existing template isn't desperately exciting in design terms, but actually this is really what design is all about - getting a message out, simply, plainly and without confusion. DEC Fundraiser Poster

Atik Cameras

Atik Cameras A set of themed full-page adverts for international Astronomy publications, using the illustrations of Tom Morgan-Jones. Preparing stuff like this for print is what we do, day-in, day-out. We're quick, professional and thorough, so don't hesitate to contact us for a quote, regardless of the size of the job. Advert examples

TerrorBull Games

TerrorBull Games TerrorBull Games are meticulous about their image. It doesn't matter if it's a booth at a convention or a bookmark as a free give-away. We've helped TerrorBull Games with every aspect of their graphic and print work for the past 6 years and have realised their detailed vision. And it pays off - their attitude and appeal is noticeable in everything they do. Download TBG catalogue (1.4Mb)

War on Terror, the boardgame

War on Terror, the boardgame The amount of work that went into producing TerrorBull Games's first product, War on Terror, the boardgame, was truly daunting. The box cover involved stitching together over 300 separate illustrations that all had to be individually cleaned, coloured, scaled and prepared for print. Then everything from the rules to the 'Axis of Evil' spinner needed designing, staying true the whole time to the message of the game and the spirit of the artwork. It was a challenging but very rewarding process. The game is now in its second edition. War on Terror product box

Crunch, the game for utter bankers

Crunch, the game for utter bankers Crunch is a portable card game and so was a smaller project than War on Terror, but it still involved a surprising amount of graphical work. Even the back of the counter-display unit was given design consideration for the 1-in-1,000 people that might catch a glimpse of it. The result is a game that feels far more 'luxurious' than just a card game. Our hard work was rewarded with Crunch being licenced in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Estonia.

Crunch product box

Free, printable board games

Print-and-Play board games Roughly every two months, TerrorBull Games come up with an idea for a free, downloadable game that they call "print-and-play" games. The idea is to satirise a current event with a game that takes around 15 - 20 minutes to play. Of course, for such a simple and casual idea, these games involve a lot of creative and graphical consideration. They're like mini-products, with their own identity, logo and brand. Print-and-Play games examples

Random Testimonial

The website ended up even better than I'd hoped, was delivered on time, and has been a great success with the surfing public. I can unreservedly recommend Digital Spoke, and look forward to future collaborations myself.

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