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Please note: Digital Spoke is no longer trading as of 1 January 2016. This site is for archive purposes only.

brand design examples

A strong, individual brand is not always easy to come by. It's as much a result of your clarity of vision as it is the designer's creative talents. We've created logos and developed brands for clients of all sizes and backgrounds and we're adept at asking the questions about your company that lead to the formation of an enduring business identity.

Brand & Logo Design Examples

The Knowledge Bar

The Knowledge Bar The Knowledge Bar is a new, workplace-based education & training company. They came to us for the full works - logo, branding, printed promotional materials and, of course a website. They asked for a logo that reflected their personality - knowledgeable, down-to-earth, practical, but with an irreverent edge that promised honesty where other training schemes offered bluster and spin. We think that the brain-in-a-glass illustration matched everything beautifully and delivered a visual metaphor that complemented the company name. www.theknowledgebar.com

Tony Shuker's Sheet Music Collection

Tony Shuker's Vintage Sheet Music Collection Tony Shuker has a massive and significant collection of vintage sheet music. You can read about the website project we did for him here. Aside from the website, Tony required a simple, easily-recognisable logo that reflected was as era-neutral as possible and represented a certain level of "seriousness" without being too academic because he wanted the website and collection as a whole to be as inclusive as possible, bearing in mind that this is mostly popular sheet music. We combined a music-hall type image with modern lettering and a 'grand piano' type finish to bring all these elements together. While not terribly complex, the end result is very effective. www.tsvintagesheetmusic.co.uk

Medicinal Music

Medicinal Music Medicinal Music is a volunteer run organisation based in Ontario, Canada. Using concerts and other live events, Medicinal Music help raise awareness and money for serious healthcare causes. This is one of the many pro bono clients that we have. They are doing a great thing and it was a pleasure to be able to help them out. www.facebook.com/medicinalmusic

MM Equine

MM Equine Mike McCoy is a horse trainer, specialising in colt starting and problem horses. He trained under Ken McNabb in Wyoming for three years and started MM Equine upon his return to the UK. He needed a brand and a logo that communicated his service: calm, dependable and authoratative. The main logo is typography-based, using a classic font and this is complemented by a stylised graphic of a horses head in front of two mountains; these shapes form the two 'M's of Mike's name and brand. www.mmequine.com

Castle School

Castle School, Cambridge The Castle School is a special needs school in Cambridge. They wanted a logo that was traditional-but-modern. We get seemingly contradictory briefs quite a lot, but contradictory doesn't mean impossible. In this case, we took the form of an "old school" crest and broke out of the shape with the waves. The result is a clear, recognisable logo that is now used everywhere from 3 inches high on the school uniforms to 3 feet high on the school gates. www.castleschool.info

TerrorBull Games

TerrorBull Games Co-founded by Digital Spoke director, Andrew Sheerin, TerrorBull Games is a recognised authority in satirical and educational games all over the world. The bad pun, the nod to Picasso's Guernica, the stark black-and-white image ... these all tell you a great deal about the company before you've even make it past the logo. This logo does what all good logos should do: it re-enforces the impact of their work. www.terrorbullgames.co.uk

War on Terror, the boardgame

War on Terror, the boardgame The first release by TerrorBull Games was a strong idea, with an equally strong logo. The bright colours, instantly recognisable form and comic-book overtures meant that it became as iconic as it was subversive. Not only that, but a happy side-affect of the design was that it positively glowed regardless of where it was positioned, meaning that even in the background of the set of award-winning sitcom, The I.T. Crowd, it is still immediately recognisable. www.waronterrortheboardgame.com


Games Activism Subversion Play Games, Activism, Subversion, Play! (GASP!) is a new, radical collective of game developers and educators interested in the use of games for political, social or educational ends. We gave them a logo that harks back to 60s art collectives and militant revolutionary groups - but also has an important, humourous twist. The result is iconic and provocative; exactly what the brief called for. www.gaspcollective.org


Quidster Quidster was a pay-to-play website and among the first of a wave of sites that offered high-cash value prizes in return for a potentially low investment (you can "win it for a quid"). The idea was that if enough people played, then the community would fund the prizes. We designed the original logo, brand itentity and website. We chose a slightly retro feel, with the name, the pound sign and the yellow colour all re-enforcing the "value" angle of the site, but without being tacky about it. Quidster logo close-up


Herga Herga had an existing logo which was greatly improved by a local PR company for their new catalogues. We took that version and expanded the brand into a cleaner, more modern identity. The monochrome of technology contrasts well with the brightly colour-coded categories and makes a real impact. www.herga.com

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Digital Spoke contributed massively to the development of the adhoc online services, not only by extending and streamlining the website, but by taking us into whole new areas, such as WAP and PDA.

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