tsvintagesheetmusic.co.uk & tsvintageadvertising.co.uk Testimonial

Andrew has recently finished creating two parallel sites for me: they are database sites with a commercial / Paypal capacity.

I am very pleased with the results. I found Andrew to be very talented and knowledgeable, serious and professional in approach yet pleasant and easy to work with.

I would single out the following positives:
- prompt communications - questions quickly answered and suggestions taken up
- the personal touch which is the big advantage of a one-man operation (a prime reason why I chose Digital Spoke). You are always talking to the person who is actually doing the job
- attention to detail - one of his very best qualities, and a real asset
- an agreeable working relationship - allowing a good balance between Andrew's technical and design skills, and my own ideas re structure, content and 'look'.

In summary, I made a good choice, and I warmly recommend Andrew's services to others.

Tony Shuker
Business owner
tsvintagesheetmusic.co.uk & tsvintageadvertising.co.uk

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