Poet's Wine Testimonial

I thought I had quite clear ideas on how the Poet's Wine site should look and operate, but, never having experienced putting a website together before, I soon realised that there were lots of aspects I had not considered. Digital Spoke was extremely organised with the project from the start and put together a brief, which was constantly updated, about the function of each page. They were very patient with me, considering the number of changes I introduced at later stages and frequently made suggestions that proved very useful to me. I was very grateful for the benefit of their experience. They are very focused on the 'usability' of the site, which was very important to me.

As Poet's Wine is a new business, the budget for the website was particularly constrained. Digital Spoke were very reasonable with their pricing and also kept me informed as to what my options were if I wanted to add certain functionality to the site. I was grateful for this as it meant that I could make essential updates, discount some developments and leave some others for a future date, without receiving an unexpected invoice at the end!

Digital Spoke were always very prompt in their communication with me and worked very efficiently. I felt able to approach them with ideas, knowing that I would get an honest and accurate opinion. They were always enthusiastic and happy to help, whatever my concerns.

I am very pleased with the finished site - Digital Spoke has done a great job and the functionality is excellent. I would not hesitate in recommending them as the service I received was first class.

Charlie Green
Poet's Wine

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